Vitskär Süden - The Faceless King Vinyl LP | Cloudy

04.11.2022 Item #: RIPLP180/B1 Ripple Music
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Captivating Californian foursome Vitskär Süden returns after their acclaimed 2020 self-titled debut with brand new full-length "The Faceless King," a fascinating 7-track collection of mystique-laden rock spells, the soundtrack of a not-so-distant future when the sun rises no more. Weaving progressive rock, heavy psychedelic and gothic folk into towering and intensely beautiful soundscapes enhanced by deep-toned commanding vocals, Vitskär Süden explores the rock world's eerie fringes, meeting at the crossroads of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Wovenhand, Lord Vicar and Jaye Jayle.

milky clear and olive green cloudy vinyl

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