Rainbows Are Free - Heavy Petal Music Vinyl LP | Splatter

09.06.2023 Item #: RIPLP190 Ripple Music
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Heavy Petal Music by Rainbows Are Free is a live retrospective of the heavy psychedelic band’s fifteen-year discography, featuring a comprehensive sampling from their three previous studio albums, as well as a few rarities performed from their eponymous self-released demo EP. The album was recorded live at the Summer Breeze music festival in RAF’s home town of Norman, OK on August 8th, 2021 – their first live performance after the pandemic. The band’s pent up energy bursts forth from the stage and through the speakers like a six-headed hydra that just broke free from its bonds after being confined to darkness for nearly two years! If for whatever reason listening to Rainbows Are Free's past studio output didn't convince you of their sublime command of pure, unfiltered heaviness, this live recording goddamn better.

LP (Clear Vinyl with Pink and Orange Splatter)

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