Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel - Human Collapse

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"This is a double LP set, specially pressed at 45 rpm for optimal sound playback. Ripple is proud to bring the newest release from France's masters of epic heaviness, Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel. Mixing, post-rock, sludge, stoner, post metal and heavy metal into one massive assault of heaviness, Human Collapse explores a dystopian future based upon the events currently ripped from our headlines.

Intense, intricate, and oh so heavy. LDDSM have unleashed a monster of epic heavy stoner metal.

""Translates to ""The Dissidents of the Dirty Motel,"" a French stoner rock act with a grindhouse atmosphere, if Vincent Vega crossed the paths with General Lee at Joshua Tree."" -- Sputnik Music

""It’s amazing, once again, to hear how LDDSM have gone from strength to strength, building upon the successes of their previous work. A towering colossus of stoner riffs, heavy rock attitude and influences too numerous to mention, LDDSM are once again ahead of the curve with their inventive and creative stoner rock, and earns its place in even the most selective of collections thanks to the band’s innate musicality and the many subtle melodic nuances that make this a rewarding and memorable release."" -- Sonic Abuse

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