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Crystal Spiders - Morieris

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"For their eagerly anticipated follow up, Morieris, North Carolina duo Crystal Spiders bassist Brenna Leath (Lightning Born, The Hell No) and drummer Tradd Yancey (Doomsday Profit) take a lead guitar assist from Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity bassist and Leath’s bandmate in Ripple labelmates Lightning Born) for a rollercoaster ride of doomy atmospherics, razor sharp riffs, and infectious rhythms.

With their second offering, the band builds upon and refines the whiplash intensity of Molt to experiment with intricate harmonies, thundering breakdowns, and orchestral instrumentals (including guest cello from High Priestess Nighthawk of Heavy Temple). 2020 saw Crystal Spiders’ debut seated on many Album of the Year charts, and with Morieris, there’s no doubt that heavy music lovers will be saving a spot for them at the end of 2021 as well. "

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