The Awesome Machine - Beneath the Desert Floor: Chapter One - ....It's Ugly or Nothing Vinyl LP | Gold

12.01.2024 Item #: RIPLP210 Ripple Music
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Welcome to the new Ripple series, Beneath the Desert Floor, in which the label uncovers lost treasures and gems from the early days of stoner/desert/doom rock. These are albums that may have been lost to time, perhaps never got the opportunity for vinyl pressings and didn't have the benefit of digital presence and social media. Kicking things off are The Awesome Machine, a classic hard rock/metal band from Sweden formed in 1996. After recording their self-titled 10" and the cult demo Doom, Disco, Dope, Death and Love, they secured a contract with german label "People Like You" for first album "...It's Ugly or nothing." The record was produced by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque and is the perfect way to launch Ripple's time-traveling new series to rediscover this lost classic of heavy riffing goodness!

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