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Zed - Trouble In Eden CD Digipak

29.09.2016 Item #: RIPCD049 Ripple Music
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"The long-awaited, much anticipated new album from Bay Area rockers, ZED, is certain not to disappoint. Full of rumbling grooves and layers of guitar, these guys bring melody into heavy rock without ever losing sight of the pure muscle.

""Zed get what hard rock should be about in 2016. They are unpretentious, powerful and simply in love with the magic of this type of music. This is a band who fill out their sound with the same sort of passion and fiery magic that fueled so many of those bands in the seventies. They burn forward, every moment is exciting, filled with tasty guitar licks and solid songwriting. Trouble In Eden is a tasteful listen from first to last - a record that starts off as a slow burn but then helps you dig into greater things to come."" -- Two Guys Metal Reviews"

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